National Insurance Contributions Overview

 National Insurance Act 1965
  National Insurance Contributions Estimator (Table Letter A) (2010-2011)  
  For Information Only- Do Not enter these on form P11 Deductions Working Sheet  
  Monthly / Weekly table for not contracted-out standard rated contributions Calculator    
  Weekly Monthly  
  Lower Earning Limit (LEL)  
  Earnings Threshold (ET)  
  Upper Earning Limit (UEL)  
  Upper Accrual Point (UAP)  
  Earnings Upto (UEL)  
  Earnings at the LEL (where earnings are equal to or exceeed the LEL)  
  Earnings above the LEL, up to and including ET  
  Earnings above ET, upto and including the UAP  
  Earnings above the UAP, up to and including the UEL  
  Total of employee's and employer's contributions  
  Employee's contributions due on all earnings above the ET  
  Employer's contributions  

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