A Company Trial Balance provides an overview of all Credit (Sales) & Debits (Purchases) by category of income or expense.The total of Credit & Debit at the end of the report should be the same. For full accounting and software, please visit SageGood Luck! 


    Trial Balance    
  Nominal Code (N/C) Name Debit   Credit  
  Fixed Assets  
  0030 Office Equipment    
  0031 Office Equipment Depreciation    
  0040 Furniture and Fixtures    
  Current Assets  
  1100 Debtors Control Account    
  1201 Bank    
  Current Liabilities  
  2100 Creditors Control Account    
  2103 Directors Loans    
  2150 Corporation Tax Liability    
  2200 Sales Tax Control Account    
  2201 Purchase Tax Control Account    
  2211 National Insurance    
  Capital & Reserves  
  3200 Profit and Loss Account    
  4000 General Sales    
  4200 Sales of Assets    
  4906 Legal Fees    
  5004 Software Purchases    
  Direct Expenses  
  6202 Gifts and Samples    
  7000 Gross Wages    
  7006 Employers NI    
  7012 Mobile Broadband    
  7400 Travelling    
  7501 Postage and Carriage    
  7502 Telephone    
  7503 Telex/Telegram/Facsimile    
  7504 Office Stationery    
  7600 Legal Fees    
  7900 Bank Interest Paid    
  7901 Bank Charges    
  7907 Barclaycard Payment Acceptance    
  8000 Depreciation    
  8004 Office Equipment Depreciation    
  8204 Insurance    
  9998 Suspense Account    


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